“Covid-19 put our way of living and working to the test, forcing us to adapt to new realities, with high emotional and economic costs, but at the same time challenging us to be more innovative and creative, on a personal and business level.”

Andrés Fosk

CEO, Landes

2021 was a historic year for Landes, both in terms of operation and production. Especially for safeguarding everyone’s health, and guaranteeing the food chain, both domestically and internationally. The company achieved this by maintaining jobs, without availing itself of the Employment Protection Law.

A highly relevant strategic objective has been producing high-quality seafood for human consumption. For this, the plants in the different operations have been modernized, and investment has been made in process automation and digital transformation.

In recent years, the fishing sector has made great strides in sustainable resource management, better working conditions for its workers, and better environmental performance. In this context, Landes has continued to work on its commitment to sustainable development.

Landes aims to be a paragon in terms of environmental management, prioritizing the circular economy in all its operations and being committed to actions to face climate change. The production of proteins destined for animal consumption was consolidated, successfully and sustainably managing massive mortalities of the salmon industry and its by-products, and progress is being made in new projects that allow growth in this line of business.

The great human team behind Landes has made the advances we are presenting in this Sustainability Report possible. Strengthening People Management has been key and a priority, which is why communications, leadership, gender equality, professional development, and training have been significantly strengthened. In 2021, the Landes Presente program was implemented, with 12 people completing their secondary education. The impact of this initiative sets down the next step for everyone in Landes to have full schooling.

Improving the quality of life of customers, workers, communities, and suppliers is part of our purpose as a company. In 2021, the company contributed at an industry level to establishing best practices to improve the quality of life of its strategic partners, promoting a virtuous circle in the fishing industry, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The expansion of the frozen jack mackerel plant in Talcahuano,

allows processing 600 tons per day.

In Chiloé, they processed almost 40,000 tons of mussels in 2021,

consolidating Landes’ leadership on the island in terms of the purchase of raw material from small local producers, which contributes over 80% of what is processed.

2021 saw the consolidation of the environmental management system

with the measurement of the impacts of operations, particularly the carbon footprint.

94% of the Talcahuano plant’s energy consumption

now comes from

renewable energy.

The oil-fired boilers were

converted to natural gas.

More than 30,000 masks were recycled

transformed into coasters, planters, and trays for the new cafeterias at Isla Rocuant and San Vicente.


For Landes, it has been essential to communicate its management transparently. That is why it is presenting its Sustainability Report for 2021, to ratify its commitment to sustainable development and its stakeholders.

The three core aspects in the following document address key issues for sustainable development: economic, environmental, and social, which allow us to see the evolution and responses to the commitments made since the company began its reporting in 2019.

This report has been prepared following the Essential option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, which allows having standardized indicators – material aspects – to measure a company’s degree of environmental and social responsibility concerning its environment. The GRI standards are directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established by the United Nations.

The data contained here corresponds to a general description of the company and its management between January 1 to December 31, 2021, and, in some cases, information from previous years is included to measure progress in the development of actions needed to have a better company.